Hi, I am Nick Lorich

As a professional Wedding Photographer over the past 11 years, I have learned how to produce consistent results while performing exceptionally well under pressure. The consistency and the quality of my work is attributed to my wedding photography experience.

My friendly demeanor, my professional manners and my easy to get along with personality are three reasons that I feel I am the person you will want to hire to be your wedding photographer.

My outlook on documenting weddings goes way beyond the main subjects. I find that everything that is happening around the main subject is just as important to create a beautiful story. I’m constantly surveying the guests for an impactful reaction. For example, the first time the groom sees his bride, the mother watching her husband walk their daughter down the aisle, the parents finally letting out tears of joy or simply someones best impresion of a good dancer during the reception. This mentality has allowed me to succeed in my profession and these kinds of moments inspire me. 

My enthusiasm to be one of Buffalo's Best Wedding Photographers is second to none. This is what I love to do. I have worked so hard for the the opportunity to be your wedding Photographer.

-Nick Lorich